Höhenweg Giglach - High Trail Giglach

Starting from the Giglach lakes leads a well marked, high-alpine path along an impressing landscape to the Hochwurzen, where you will enjoy a well-deserved rest after such alot of walking and looking.

Recommondation of how to walk staring from the Giglach lakes take the northern dirction up ot the Bretter lakes. Then slightly rising in the direction of Schiedeck – conditionally stronk hikers may climb the top of this mountain. Afterwards contently walking uphill and downhill passing the Hochfeld, the Schneider, the Guschen and the Roßfeld to the Hochwurzen.

Walking time: from top of the Hochwurzen about 5 to 6 hours

profile of requirements: sturdy footwear, suitable walking-clothes, high alpine path

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