• Paragliding

Paragliding from Hochwurzen

The one who takes the offer, will be carried form the wind over an impessing natural site soudlessly. And while your look sweeps over summits and valleys, you can chill out your soul easily. Friend of this airy sport start near the top of the cable car of Hochwurzen at about 1800 meters hight and land after on altitude difference of mote than 1000 meters at a big meadownland at Pichl.

The  ones who would like ot have a look at the world like a bird's eye-view, but has no education in paragliding, can enjoy and relax at taking a tandem flight.

For holders of the summit card the ascent with the cable car is for free.

Technical facts

„Starting place Hochwurzen top station“
Character: meadow starting place
Coordinates: N 47°21' 38,69“ O 13° 38' 21,06“
Sea level: 1798 m (hight difference 1032m)
Difficulty: sipmle (suitable for beginners)
Ascend: cable car

"Landeplatz Pichl"
Character: Wiesenlandeplatz
Coordinates: N 47°23‘13.37“ O 13°37‘13.24“
Sea Level: 766 m

Information and reservation: www.aufwind.at